My daughter Libby, with Burgh Island in the background

Welcome to handmade sea glass and precious metal jewellery

What we do...

I find sea glass on my local beaches and turn them into jewellery using precious metals, such as Silver, Copper and hopefully sometime soon, Gold! I let my creativity lead me on each piece, but I also take commissions from people, sometimes using their own pieces of sea glass.


So much variation is possible, simple settings, minimalist, or statement pieces designed to stand out. With a variety of chains from dainty to statement, there’s something for everyone.


All kinds, from simple silver studs, sea glass set studs, double drop earrings, and fixed earrings like these. The possibilities are endless. Earrings are where I often use my recycled silver.


Possibly one of my favourite makes. All kinds of bands and settings. You can make a dainty all silver piece or a large stand out setting for a special piece of sea glass to be show cased.

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Who's who and why?

This is my family. Me, and my husband Ivan and our 2 children who the business is named after. Libby and Leo. During lockdown we lost our dance business overnight. But silver linings (no pun intended), I found another passion…silver smithing!

The ethos...

It all started back in 2008 when I totally fell in love with the outdoors and found climbing, and that being outside was fun, and necessary . When making this jewellery I want to be as respectful of the environment as I possibly can be.

  • ┬áBy taking a handful/pocketful/bagful or rubbish home when I visit a beach.
  • Using as much recycled packaging as I can. Reused bags, bubble wrap and my daughters paintings as wrapping paper.
  • The sea glass itself shouldn’t be in the ocean. In a small way , by reusing the sea glass, we are taking a piece of rubbish and re purposing it into something beautiful and wearable.
  • Re using as many materials as I can, melting down scrap silver into new things.

Burgh Island, one of my favourite spots